Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar Special

Type:  anime
Genre:  Sugar baby wuv~
Episodes/Volumes:  2 Episodes
Project Status:  Closed
Licensed?  Yes (Geneon Entertainment, USA)
Japanese Studio: 
Notes:  At the time of airing, Pioneer specifically said that they did not have the rights to the two Sugar specials - and we hoped they planned to release them in the future. The DVD has since been released by Geneon!
Description:  Although the story does include a 15-year-old Saga and Greta, most of the episodes are a flashback to when the series originally took place, around episode 14-17, when Saga's class decides to do a class play! Kawaisugi~~~

Episode/Chapter Title Date   Progress   nfo sfv
01 - What's inside the heart - First Half 24 Aug 2003   100% view view
02 - What's inside the heart - Second Half 31 Aug 2003   100% view view


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