Twenty years

On this day twenty years ago, our first ever release was uploaded to various IRC channels and Usenet groups. It was just a humble music video we happened to like that had a recent DVD release at the time, and there were no plans for the future at the time. We didn't even dream of how far we would come, and we hope that our eventual mission of showcasing series that might not otherwise see an English speaking audience has made a few lives brighter.

We sadly don't have anything to mark the occasion, but we hope to have some new developments on some of our oldest projects in the near future!

Posted By: StarCreator12 Sep 2021 

News was a bit late to reach us, but Nozomi Entertainment is running a Kickstarter to bring ARIA The ANIMATION and ARIA The NATURAL to Blu-Ray, featuring an English dub for the first time! The project has already been funded but if you would like a Blu-Ray copy it will be offered to backers first. If you're interested, see the Kickstarter campaign for more details!

Posted By: StarCreator27 Aug 2017 
Farewell, CP

Thank you for everything over the years. I'm sorry we weren't faster.

Posted By: StarCreator08 Sep 2015 
PitaTen licensed!

Earlier at Anime Expo, Nozomi Entertainment (the production arm of The Right Stuf International) the license to PitaTen, among others. It's been a while, but as a reminder, our philosophy is that we do not distribute any series once it has been licensed by a US distributor. If you still have a copy of our PitaTen release (completed nearly ten years ago!) please do not distribute it, and if you like the series, please support Nozomi Entertainment when they release it on DVD in 2016!

Posted By: StarCreator04 Jul 2015 
Fourteen years

Today is Hikari no Kiseki's fourteenth birthday. I originally made this post thinking it was the thirteenth because I can't math.

Posted By: StarCreator12 May 2015 
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